Class 3 Digital Signature for E Tendering Price

Class 3 Digital Signature for E Tendering Price

Class 3 Digital Signature for E Tendering at Low Price. A valid Class 3 Combo DSC (Signature + Encryption) Certificate required for online tendering. You can participate in all Government Tenders and Public sector tenders with Class 3 DSC

Applications of Class 3 Combo DSC

  • Participate in all state-level departments tenders
  • Participate in all Center Government departments tender
  • Submit Public sector tenders
  • Indian Oil Corporation Tenders (I.O.C.L)
  • E-Auction and E – Bidding

Price of Digital Signature

Class of Digital Signature Validity MRP in INR

(Per DSC)

Special Price
Class 2 Signature Only 2 Years 650 600
Class 2 Combo  (Signature+Encryption) 2 Years 1100 1000
Class 3  Signature Only 2 Years 2500 2000
Class 3 Combo  (Signature+Encryption) 2 Years 3500 2500
DGFT 2 Years 3500 3000

Apply for Class 3 Digital Signature for E Tendering Price @ 2500/- INR

Including Token Cost and GST 18%

Call us – 09784417276

Digital Signature For E-Tendering
Digital Signature For E-Tendering

A class 3 Dsc can issue to an Individual and Organizations. Only some basic details required for a valid DSC. you can apply Online through Our Portal for Digital Signature Certificate.

 Class 3 Combo DSC for Individual

Individuals or any person can apply for class 3 E- Tendering DSC by our online and Paperless method. This is the fastest and secure method to process a digital signature Online. Only the basic details of the applicant are required.

  • Pan number of applicant
  • Adhar card number 
  • Mobile no. registered with Aadhar
  • Email ID

Class 3 combo DSC for Organization 

Class 3 Organization DSC can be issued to the authorized person of an organization. Authorized person and organization details are required for this DSC. For Organization DSC a Form filing and document submission is required.

  • Pan Card of applicant person
  • Address proof 
  • Company Registration Certificate 
  • GST filing proof
  • Authorization Letter
  • Partnership proof (if any partner)
  • A color photo on the Form

 Attention – All supporting documents must be sealed and signed by the organization.

How to apply for Class 3 DSC

  • Select Class 3 Digital signature for E-Tendering
  • Make payment for DSC
  • Submit documents
  • complete mobile and video verification 
  • your DSC ready in 10 to 20 mins.
  • GET Digital Signature Certificate in 2 – 3 days by courier/speed post

Our dedicated customer support team will help you to complete the application process and verification.

you can also download the certificate in your Old USB TOKEN.

Call us – 09784417276

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