Digital signature certificate in India mostly used for online authentication. These are useful for online transaction and validation.

A digital signature certificate(DSC) or A digital certificate is a digital record of credentials of an individual’s and organizations.

Application of digital signature certificate in India –
  • It verifies the originality of an entity involved in an online transaction.
  •  DSCs is helpful during online transactions.
  • E-filing of GST and income tax return
  • E-tendering, E-procurement
  • online financial transactions over the internet.
  • They are also used during the transfer of confidential information through the internet.
  • its assure protection and authenticity of the data as well as its sender.

what is a digital signature certificate –

A digital signature is an electronic method of the sign which confirms the authenticity of a digitally sends the document.
Digital signatures also confirm the authenticity or integrity of the sender of the information over the Internet.
They tally to security measures engaged during any online transactions.

  1. Digital signatures give authenticity verification, security and its users during online transactions and exchange of information.
  2. Digital signatures are used for secure messaging, secure online workflow applications, online banking application use, supply chain management etc.
  3. digital signature certificate holds the record of the owner of the certificate and details of the digital certificate.
  4. These are digital documents which confirm that a digital authentication connected with an individual or an organization.
  5. The digital certificate helps prevent any sort of risk to the identity and security of an individual or an organization.

Digital signature(DSC) uses –

  1. A digital signature certificate gives electronic authenticity of its identification.
  2. It also offers the best security and privacy to a user’s online transactions.
  3.  Certificates can also be used to encrypt the information which will ensure that only the assigned receiver can use it.
  4. Digitally signing information also assures the user that the information cannot be modified during the transaction.
  5. It verifies a user’s identity as the sender of the message.

Types of DSC –

1.Class 1 digital signature certificate: –

This certificate is issued to a person only for personal use. a holder of this certificate only proves the authenticity of his identity or of the information sent by him. It is compulsory for a person, applying for a class 1 DSC, to have a valid E-mail id.

2.Class 2 digital signature certificate:

This class of digital signature is issued to individuals and an organization. Class two certificate is used to complete transactions which concern the MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs or the Registrar of companies). An individual/organization applying for a class 2 certificate requires to present a valid identity proof and address proof.

3. Class 3 digital signature certificate:

  • most exclusive digital signature of all, class 3 certificate has high security.
  • It is the ultimate identity authentication and security purposes.
  • It is mandatory for organizations and individuals involved in online e-tendering, patent filing, e-procurement, and trademark filing process to have a valid class 3 certificate.
  •  physical presence is essential for the person applying for this certificate to register his before the certifying authority.

Definition and work of E-token or DSC token?
An E-tokens is a safe hardware device that holds private and public key certificates, and a cache of different digital certificates. E-Tokens improve the protection of data on public and private channels. E-tokens can be used to create and give safe storage for passwords and Digital certificates, digital signing, and encryption for secure authentication.

Legally validation of Digital Signatures in India?
Yes, digital signatures are legally valid in India by the Information Technology Act of 2000.

Use of Digital Signatures Certificate-

  •  online transactions and Secure exchange of information.
  • Recognizing associates of an online transaction.
  •  Encryption of information in an e-mail.
  •  Verifying authority of digital content.
  •  Activities with Ministry of Corporate Affairs(CCA).
  • Filing income tax and GST returns.
  •  Applying for e-tenders and e-procurement.
  •  Confirming the authenticity of trademark registration.
    digital signature certificate in india
    digital signature certificate in India

Certificate Validation
Certificate Validation introduces to the method of preparing the status of a certificate, it is valid, expired or revoked. Digital certificates have a different validity period. mostly one year, two year and three years.

  • Minimum computer system hardware and software requirement to download a DSC –
    a minimum system configuration required –
  •  Internet Explorer 9
  •  Windows 7 Service pack 1
  •  dot Net Framework 4.5
    but we recommend a system with the latest configuration.
  •  Internet Explorer 11
  •  Windows 10
  •  dot Net Framework 4.5

Steps for applying for a digital signature certificate in India

STEP 1: visit on

STEP 2: select your Digital signature type as per requirement –
class 2 Digital signature certificate
class 3 digital signature certificate
or you can choose digital signatures as according to its use
GST digital signature certificate, INCOME TAX RETURN digital signature certificate, E-TENDERING digital signature certificate, IMPORT/EXPORT digital signature certificate, for individual or for the organization, etc.

STEP 3: Payment for DSC certificate

Make online payment according to your selected certificate. You can pay online by- Bank transfer, Debit card, Credit card, Mobile wallets, Paytm.

STEP 4: Fill the necessary details in the form

Once you have downloaded the form, fill in all required details as required in the form:

1. Class of the DSC
2. Applicant Name & Contact Details
3. PAN card no. & pan card copy(attested)
4. Address proof document (attested)

STEP 5: Complete your verification process –

  • mobile verification – by sending a message
  • video verification – by submitting a 25 sec.recording through your mobile

STEP 6: Now your DSC ready for download and will dispatch your Dsc through courier and you will receive your DSC at your doorstep in 2-3 days all over India.
or you can download your DSC certificate by Email on simple clicks.

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