Digital Signature expiredA Digital Signature is usually Expired in 2 / 3 years from the date of download into USB Token as per its validity. A user should renew his certificate on time before the validity expires to avoid problems due to expired certificates. As per the latest Govt. Guidelines, the renewal of the expired Certificate is required to carry Fresh identity proofs for each Digital Signature. The process for renewal is the same as the new DSC. New DSC Certificates will be downloaded in your Old Token.

To apply for a renewal of Digital Signature, you can process online through our online store. You can also get in touch with our Customer support team by calling/Email. We will help you to complete the process.

Benefits of Expired Digital Signature Renewal

  • You can use Old USB device
  • Save the time of Processing, it takes 10 to 20 mins only.
  • The complete is Paperless and Online
  • DSC ready instantly for use

How to Check the Digital Signature expiry date?

  • Insert USB device in the computer
  • Log in to Token Manager
  • Click on the expired Certificate
  • See on the Validity period
  • It shows the expired date of the DSC

Documents required For DSC renewal

Any person and organization can apply for a digital signature. Individuals can apply through PAN / Aadhaar based paperless mode and organization Form filling method. These are the simplest and fastest ways to apply for DSC.
Documents required for DSC

  • Applicant Adhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Mobile no. and E-Mail id
  • Organization details (for Organization)

DSC Process

  • Choose required certificate – Class 3 DSC
  • Make Payment
  • Complete your Email and video verifications
  • Download DSC in your old USB Token
  • Our team will help you to complete the Download
  • Your Expired Digital Signature will renew in 10 to 20 Minutes

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