digital signature for aicte

Digital Signature for AICTE: As per new guidelines a valid Signature Certificate is mandatory for all AICTE related activities. All applications for grant approval to technical courses will be required to be signed digitally using a DSC. It is required to procure a digital signature for the Approval Process for Academic Year 2021-22

Digital Signature for AICTE

  • A valid Class 3 Digital Signature is required

Non-Government / Private / Other Institutions or Colleges or universities President or Chairman or Secretary or Treasurer of Trust or Society or Head of Institution or Director or Principal or Registrar or Institution level Incharge or Contact Person required a Digital Signature for Approval Process

Class 3 DSC for AICTE

A valid Class 3 Organization DSC is required for AICTE. Organization and applicant person documents required for it

  • Applicant Pan card and adhar card
  • Authorized signatory latter
  • Authorized signatory list
  • Auth person ID Proof
  • Bank statement / GSTR 3B filing copy ( not older than 3 months)
  • One photo

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