Digital Signature for CBSE School

Digital Signature for CBSE School: AS per the CBSE circular on the digital signature, a valid DSC is required for LOC Submission. Authorized Signatory of School is required to get a Digital Signature for LOC (List of candidates) submission of students for Class 10th and 12th. All school principals or Heads are required to obtain an organization type B Class 3 DSC with the Organization name. We provide the Digital Signature also with PFX file or PKCS # 12 format as required to upload on the Central Board of Secondary Education affiliation website.

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Documents required for Digital Signature for CBSE School

For Individual DSC applicants, basic details and documents will require like Pan card, address proof, photo, email id, and mobile number. For Organizational DSC applicants basic details and organization registration and authorization documents will also be required. organizational details depend on organization type as described below:

Digital Signature For Private CBSE School ( Ngo or Trust or Society)

  • Applicant ( School principal / Head ) Pan card
  • Authorized signatory Pan Card
  • Registration Certificate of Organization
  • Proof of authorized Signatory
  • Bank statement  or GSTR 3b
  • Authorization latter
  • Email id and mobile number

Digital Signature For Govt. CBSE School

  • Applicant Org. ID Proof
  • Authorized Signatory ID proof
  • Authorization Letter
  • Email id and mobile number

How to apply CBSE Schools Digital Signature

You can apply Online for CBSE Schools Digital Signature. It is an Online, secure and fast process to apply for a DSC. The complete process only takes 30 to 40 Minutes.

  1. Send us required documents on email or WhatsApp
  2. Then complete your Mobile and video verifications
  3. You can also Download the Certificate in your USB Token.
  4. You will receive your DSC with a USB token.

Digital Signature PFX file

When submitting the LOC of the schools, the digital signature has to be uploaded in PFX or PKCS 12 format. This is a separate encryption file that is applied with DSC. We also provide a PFX file along with the CBSE School Digital Signature.

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How to Upload Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliation

  • Firstly Login and Open CBSE affiliation Portal
  • Fill in details and upload required documents
  • Click on browse to Upload Digital Signature
  • Then Select your Digital Signature PFX file from the stored location
  • Enter DSC password
  • Then Click on submit button
  • Your affiliation will be successfully submitted.

We hope the above information will be helpful for you. For any further information or to get Digital Signature (DSC) contact to us

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