Digital Signature for Government OrganizationDigital Signature for Government Organization
: In government departments and organizations, various tasks are done online, such as document and data verification, bill and payment processing, online tender-related work, grants, and student scholarship work, etc. Govt employees and officials require a digital signature to perform these tasks. Any govt employee and an officer can purchase a digital signature certificate on behalf of his department. Any employee working for a govt department is authorized to purchase a DSC on behalf of that organization. This is required for various platforms such as document signature and authorization, verification and approval, and many more.

Required documents for Government Organization Digital Signature

  • Applicant Pan card and Organization id card
  • One Photo, email id, and mobile number
  • Authorization letter ( Download Format of authorization latter)
  • Authorizing person ID Card

How to apply for Organization DSC

  1. Prepare your supporting documents
  2. Send us to scan copy on 
  3. Complete your email, mobile, and video Verification. 
  4. After verification, your Digital Signature will be ready in 1 to 2 hours.
  5. It will be dispatched or pickup as per your request.

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