Digital Signature How to Make in India
Digital Signature How to Make in India

Digital signature how to make and how to make digital signature certificate complete process we will describe here –
Firstly we know about the digital signature certificate and its uses. Digital Signature Certificates is also known as DSC. This is an electronic form of signatures. These signatures are equal to physical or paper signatures/Certificates. A digital certificate can be presented digitally to prove identity, to access information online and sign to certain digitally.

Use of digital signature certificates –

For an online tender filling process.
For the E-procurement portal.
For Gst registration and return filing process.
Income tax registration and return filing process.
For the MCA portal.
For EPFO claim form.
For import/export trade.

Types of Digital Signature Certificates:-

i) Class-2: This is the most common type of uses for GST and income tax return filing.
ii) Class-3: This is the highest level security certificate. It uses for online tender, E-procurement, Import-Export.

How to purchase a Digital Signature Certificate ?
Legally valid Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are issued only by a Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India. you can easily purchase your DSC online and get in two or three days.
Firstly: visit on
Choose certificates as per your requirement.
Purchase your certificate and make an online payment.
Complete your mobile and video verification process.
Get your Dsc in two or three days on your doorstep.
What’s to be done after purchasing a new DSC?

What’s to be done after purchasing a new DSC depends on the specific work for which we shall be using the DSC. Let’s suppose we are going to use it for the e-Tendering process.

Firstly: We require to Map the registered Login-ID as a User under a specific Organization Tree.
The Nodal Officer of that organization would be doing this User-creation after Logging in with his account from his end.

Secondly: Configure your Computer system at the User’s side for accepting DSC.

Thirdly: we require to Generate Password for the DSC. For that purpose, open → Generate/Forgot Password → (enter your login id) → Send
Verification Code for your password sent to your mobile number registered/filled-in while applying for DSC before the Certifying Authority.

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