A Digital signature or Digital signature scheme is a mathematical plan to denote the authenticity of a digital message or document. A valid digital signature gives the recipient the assurance that the message was made by a known sender and that it was not converted to transit. Digital signatures are commonly used in software distribution, financial transactions, and other such cases, where it is more important to detect forgery and racketeering.

  • Digital signatures are often used to implement electronic signatures, which is a broad word that refers to any electronic data that accompanies the purpose of signing, but not all DSC is used in all electronic signatures. In some countries and the European Union, including the United States, electronic signatures have legal significance. However, laws related to electronic signatures do not always make it clear that keeping out the legal definition, are they used here in the sense of digital seed-writing signatures and hence their importance is somewhat misleading.

Digital signature cryptography

  • digital signature or DSC scheme implement one type of asymmetric cryptography. A properly executed digital signature transmitted from an unsafe channel gives the recipient the assurance that the message was sent by the legitimate sender. In many ways DSC is equivalent to traditional handwritten signatures; Fraud with a properly implemented digital signature is harder than handwritten type. In the sense used here, digital signature systems are based on incognito and can be effective only if implemented properly. digital signature or DSC scheme can also provide non-disclaimers, that is, the signatory can not successfully claim that she has not signed the message, while simultaneously claiming that her private key is confidential; Also, some non-disclaimer systems offer a timestamp for DSC, so that when the private key is highlighted, the signature is still valid. Digitally signed messages can be anything as profitable as bit strings: Examples include messages sent through electronic mail, contract, or any other secret protocol.

Digital signature algorithm

  • A Digital signature or Digital signature scheme system typically has three algorithms:
  • Key generating algorithms that randomly select identical private keys from a set of possible private keys. The algorithm prompts the private key and the corresponding public key.
  • A signatory algorithm, which generates a signature when given the message and private key.
  • A signature verifying algorithm which, if given a message, public key, and signature, accepts or rejects it.
  • Two main features are required. First, the signature generated by a fixed message and fixed private key should verify the message and the corresponding public key. Secondly, it should be desirable to generate a valid signature for the party not having a private key in a computational fashion.
  • To prevent attacks, you can apply a configuration hash function to first message m and then apply the RSA algorithm. This access can be proved to be safe in the so-called random authentic model.
  • Rather than the entire document, there are several reasons for signing this type of hash (or message collapse).
  • For efficiency: signature


Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate

Validation for Income Tax E-Filing / Company or LLP Incorporation and fillings / GST Registration or E filling /E TENDERING/IMPORT/EXPORT


Steps to applying for a DSC certificate


STEP 1: Log on www.apiinfotech.com


STEP 2: Select your Digital signature type

 Class 2 and Class 3.

or you can choose DSC as a type of purpose or according to its use

 GSTINCOME TAX RETURN digital signature, E-TENDERING DSC, IMPORT/EXPORT digital signature

individual or organization, etc.


STEP 3: Payment for DSC


Make the online payment according to your selected DSC. You can choose payment online by Bank transfer, Debit card, Credit card, Mobile wallets, Paytm, other many options.


STEP 4: Fill the necessary details


Once you have downloaded the form, fill in all necessary details as required in the form:


  1. Class of the DSC
  2. Applicant Name & Contact Details
  3. PAN card(attested)
  4. Document as of address proof(attested)


STEP 5: Complete Mobile verification process Just send a message

Complete your video verification submit a 25 sec.recording through your mobile


STEP 6: Now we will dispatch your DSC through courier/India post and you will receive your Digital signature certificate at     your doorstep

or you can download your DSC through Email on simple clicks.

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