digital signature renewal chargesDigital Signature Renewal Charges: If your digital signature is already created, but it has expired, you can renew it online. You do not need to buy a new USB token for DSC renewal. You can update the digital signature in your existing USB token, which works similarly to a new token. This entire process is online and paperless. This allows your DSC to be used immediately and also saves token costs.
For digital signature renewal, all the required documents have to be resubmitted and all the verification has to be done again. The entire process of renewal is similar to the new DSC application. You will be made to download the new certificate to your old token, thus you will be able to use your old token again. This is a very easy process that can be completed online.

Benefits of DSC Certificate renewal

  • You can use your existing old USB Token
  • Use your Epass 2003, Watchdata Proxkey, mToken, eToken for renewal
  • Save USB token charge
  • The certificate will ready immediately for use
  • works similarly as a new device
  • It is a completely Online and paperless process
  • It will be renewed only in 20 minutes

Digital Signature Renewal Charges

Price‌ ‌Details‌ ‌(for‌ ‌Certificate)‌ 

‌ ‌

S.‌ ‌No.‌ ‌  Description‌ ‌  Validity


Total‌ ‌Price‌ ‌
1‌ ‌  ‌Class‌ ‌3  ‌Signature‌ ‌certificate‌ ‌  2‌ ‌Year‌s Indian‌ ‌Rupees‌ ‌(INR)‌ ‌1199
2‌ ‌  Class‌ ‌3  ‌Signature‌ ‌+‌ ‌Encryption‌ ‌certificate‌ ‌  2‌ ‌Years‌ ‌ Indian‌ ‌Rupees‌ ‌(INR)‌ ‌1899
3‌ ‌  DGFT ‌certificate‌ ‌  2‌ ‌Years‌ ‌ Indian‌ ‌Rupees‌ ‌(INR)‌ ‌1899 ‌

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