How to Download Emudhra Digital Signature Certificate Complete process here: You can download a digital signature in any CCA-approved USB token, It is a crypto token. the following USB Crypto tokens are available in which Digital Signature can be downloaded.

  • ePass 2003 Token
  • Watch Data Proxkey
  • Crypto ID mToken
  • Trust Key
  • Aladdin
  • Gemalto

 The process for downloading DSC is as follows:

  • First of all download, the download utility tool emclick on your computer. Download utility: emClick .
  • After download, Run emclick application.
  • Insert your USB token into your computer.
  • USB token driver must be installed on your computer.
  • Enter your credentials, application id, and challenge code. These are received on SMS on your registered mobile number.
  • After entering credentials Click on confirm.Download Emudhra Digital Signature
  • You will see the details of your application, check and confirm your application details.
  • Select your USB token from the drop-down menu list.
  • Enter the password / PIN of your USB token (this will be the old password of your token).
  • Check on Declaration and Click on “Agree & Download”.
  • Your emudhra certificate will be directly downloaded in your USB token and a message will show the downloaded success.

Download utility: emClick 

Note: You do not have to remove the USB token at the time of download, and do not operate the token driver application.

How to Download Emudhra Encryption Certificate

If you have applied for both signature and encryption certificate, then you have to download the encryption certificate separately.

Complete Instructions to download Emudhra Encryption Certificate:

  • Again Open the Emclick utility and Run the application
  • Enter Encryption Certificate credentials
  • Click on confirm and check application details 
  • Select token type – soft token
  • Click on “Agree and Download “
  • Create Password for encryption file 
  • Select location for the file
  • Your encryption certificate will successfully download on your desired computer location

How to Import Encryption Certificate in USB Token

  • Open USB Token driver application
  • Login in your USB token by entering the password
  • Click on the Import option in the token application
  • Browse the downloaded encryption certificate and enter the file password ( Created at the time of download).
  • your encryption certificate will successfully be imported into your USB Token.

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