DSC For Trademark Registration

You need a Class 3 DSC for Trademark and Patent registration in India. A valid Digital Signature is the first requirement for apply a Trademark and IPR. With this class 3 DSC, the registration of trademarks and IPRs can be done. The entire process of registration is completely online. This is a multipurpose digital signature certificate also use for other tasks like GST, ITR, MCA, EPF, etc.

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Which DSC required For Trademark Registration?

The trademark is a registration to protect the unique identity of a business, it can be a business logo, word, slogan, graphics, sound, color combination. Most companies usually apply for registration of a logo or name only also it can be obtained for an organization name, business tagline, or captions. A trademark can provide a unique identity to products or services that stand out from the rest.

You need a valid DSC for registration of Patent and Trademark in India. A valid Class 3 DSC is the first requirement to apply for a trademark and copyright. A  Digital Signature Certificate is also required for filing patents, trademarks, and to Protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Uses of DSC

  • Trademark registration
  • Patent filing
  • For Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR)
  • EPFO 
  • For MCA portal

The process for a Trademark DSC

  • Firstly Submit required documents
  • Make payment
  • Then Complete your video and mobile verification
  • Your DSC will be ready in 10 to 20 minutes
  • Get your DSC in 2 to 3 Days by courier/speed post
  • You can also Download the DSC in your old USB Token

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