emudhra DGFT Digital Signature

Emudhra DGFT Digital Signature: An IEC-based DSC is necessary for Indian Importers and exporters to foreign Trade, it is also called DGFT DSC. We issue Emudhra DSC which is best for DGFT. DGFT is an Indian government organization that works for Implementing Foreign trade and Exim Policy also regulating and promoting Indian Exports. DGFT issues IEC code to Indian Importers and Exporters. The Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) is an important identification number that is mandatory for importers and exporters. No person can import or export anything without the IEC number given by DGFT. All Exporters and Importers require a valid IEC-based Digital Signature.

All importers and exporters are required to register on the DGFT portal. You can register with the help of a digital signature. We are an authorized partner to issue an emudhra DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. It is an IEC-based certificate that is issued to Indian Importers and exporters to communicate with DGFT online.

Documents Required for DGFT Digital Signature

Business registration certificate and IEC registration copy required with applicant basic details. Complete documents list as below:

  • Business certificate GST/MSME, Shop’s registration
  • Import-Export Code (IEC Code) certificate
  • Pan Card of applicant
  • One Photo
  • Authorization Letter
  • Authorized signatory Proof

How to apply for Emudhra DGFT Digital Signature?

The application process to apply for emudhra DGFT digital signature is completely paperless and online. You can easily complete all processes only in 5 to 10 minutes. No need to physically submit documents, only need to upload them on the portal. Complete steps and process as follow:

  • Firstly, Submit all required documents.
  • Completed email and mobile verifications.
  • Then Completed video verification.
  • After that, your DSC will be approved and ready in 30 Minutes.

Emudhra DGFT DSC Price

We provide Emudhara DGFT DSC at the offer price with full support. Its price depends on its validity. It comes with 1 year and 2 years validity. Its price also depends on the USB token. If you already have a USB token you can use your existing USB token and save cost.

Price‌ ‌Details‌ ‌(for‌ ‌Certificate(s)‌ ‌with‌ ‌FIPS‌ ‌Compliant‌ ‌USB‌ ‌token):‌ ‌

Sl.‌ ‌

No.‌ ‌

Description‌ ‌ Validity Total‌ ‌Price‌ ‌
1‌ ‌  ‌DGFT Digital ‌Signature‌ ‌Certificate‌ ‌ 1 ‌Year‌ ‌ Indian‌ ‌Rupees‌ ‌(INR)‌ ‌1799 / –
2‌ ‌ ‌ DGFT Digital ‌Signature‌ ‌Certificate‌ ‌ 2‌ ‌Years‌ ‌ Indian‌ ‌Rupees‌ ‌(INR)‌ ‌2199 / – ‌


How to Register DSC on DGFT Portal?

To register DSC on the DGFT portal follow some steps as below:

  • Firstly, Install Java and USB Token Driver on your computer.
  • Install and run embridge utility in your system
  • Then Click on Online register and Login Icon on the portal.
  • Enter your Login credentials and click login.
  • Then Insert DSC and enter IEC Code to start the registration process.
  • Read the Declaration message and select I Agree and submit.
  • After that click “Save and Next” to proceed to registration.
  • Then Check and enter required details as required.
  • Finally, you will receive a message of successful registration on the screen.

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