encryption certificateEncryption Certificate: Encryption DSC is used to encrypt any online documents, data, and information. It provides utmost security to documents for sharing and mainly used for procurements and bidding in an online tender portal. It helps companies and organizations to share online data and documents securely. Encryption can also be used to send various types of certificates and confidential information, When data and information are transferred or sent online, the encryption encrypts that information. The format of the data is changed and it is encrypted so that no one can detect the data or information. 

Signing and Encryption Certificate

Our Signing and Encrypt DSC can be used for both signatures and encryption. It is also called Combo Certificate. It is the most popular and convenient certificate that provides authentication of data and confidentiality. Signing certificates are used for signature on documents, while encryption certificates are used to encrypt data.

How to apply for an Encryption Certificate?

You can also apply for an Encryption DSC separately. We sell encrypt DSC separately, if you already have a signing certificate then you can add an encrypt certificate to it. For this, the process of applying remains the same as the signing certificate. Basic documents such as address proof and PAN card are required, and email, mobile, video verification is required.

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