How to Use a Digital Signature Dongle For Signing a Document

How to Use a Digital Signature Dongle For Signing a Document

How to use a Digital Signature Dongle For Signing a Document?

The use of Digital Signature for documents has become generally applicable to various Government agencies and organizations. The digital signature gives a protected and secure way to sign any documents that can be assigned or saved online for digital reference.

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To make the application of the digital signature, you must first purchase your Digital Signature Certificate by applying for the same with any of the registered Certifying authorities.

On receiving your DSC with USB Token you can simply begin use of it to sign any PDF document online.

The USB Token holding your DSC is the most secure way to digitally sign a document.

The following are the steps to illustrate to How to Use a Digital Signature Dongle For Signing a Document / PDF document digitally.

Step 1: Install DSC TOKEN (DONGLE) Software on Your Computer

To Install DSC TOKEN Software plug-in the USB token into the USB port of your computer please download and install the token driver.

Step 2: Install Emsigner on Your Computer

To download Em-signer on your computer, you can visit the government website. You can follow the installation wizard to install Em-signer on your computer. If already Install Emsigner than skip this step. 

Step 3: Install Java on your computer

You can download and install Java on your computer by visiting the downloads section of the Java website. If java already installs then no need to install java.

Step 4: Install and Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

You can install and download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by visiting the

  • Open PDF files with adobe acrobat reader dc
  • Click on digitally sign
  • Select area for sign
  • Select signature from the dongle
  • Make signature on the document
  • Save the file and share it

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