Pantasign Class 3 DSC: Pantasign is a certifying authority to issue all types of Digital Signature Certificates. Pantasign provides DSCs as per the latest CCA guidelines under the IT act. Its Class 3 DSC is a multipurpose certificate that provides the highest authentication and security of data in online transactions. It is the highest level and the safest digital signature that uses for most authentication purposes.

Class 3 DSC mainly uses for return filing, Invoice, and document signing. Its also required for Online Tenders, bidding, and eauctions. Pantasign DSC supports all portals and applications. It also works on all Government and Tender websites. Class 3 DSC best for GST, ITR, MCA, EPFO, Directors ekyc, Invoice Signing, Icegate, IPR, and trademark filing.

Advantages of PantaSign DSC

It provides the highest security, trust, and reliability to online data. Best DSC for fulfilling all your needs regarding Digital Signature. Some advantages of PantaSign DSC as:

  • Trust of the brand ( CCA approved authority)
  • The fast and secure online process
  • Fast approval process
  • Complete support
  • Multipurpose DSC
  • Works on all portals 
  • Simple Download Process

How to apply PantaSign Class 3 DSC

We are authorized, Partner of PantaSign CA to Provide Digital Signatures. You can apply PantaSign Class 3 DSC online with a paperless process, it only takes 10 to 20 minutes. If your DSC expired now you can update it with PantaSign DSC. You can download a new certificate in your existing USB Token. You can apply in few steps:

  • Firstly select Class 3 DSC
  • Submit required documents
  • Then complete your verifications
  • Your PantaSign DSC approve in 10 to 20 minutes
  • Now your DSC is ready

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