PantaSign Digital Signature Franchise:  PANTAGON SIGN SECURITIES PRIVATE LIMITED known as PantaSign is a Certified Authority by the CCA (Control of Certifying Authority India). It is authorized to issue Digital Signature Certificate, Encryption Certificate, and esign Services. Api Infotech is an authorized controller of PantaSign CA to issue a DSC franchise. Our franchise Programme is best for resellers and agencies to start a Digital Signature selling business. We help our resellers to create their network of clients /customers with full support. Our technical team will provide you with complete training for DSC issuance. Partners can sell all types of Pantasign Digital Signature to their customers and earn a good income. This is a very good partner program that helps you to grow your DSC selling business.This allows you to add new customers and helps retain old customers. It strengthens your network that ensures your growth and income. 

Advantages of PantaSign Digital Signature Franchise

You can start PantaSign Digital Signature Franchise with us. We help Partners to complete the registration process and provide complete training support.

  • Our Pricing is the same for all Partners so there is no pricing variation between partners.
  • You decided selling price so you can sell at your own price.
  • You can start with minimum investment because there are no Stock limits to buy.
  • We provide entire training, DSC process, and technical support to our partners.
  • Our resellers are free to add as well as many resellers or end-users. You can create your channel of resellers.
  • Pantasign DSC is completely online and paperless so the whole process of the DSC application to download just takes to 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • PantaSign provides fast approvals for your DSC certificates.

How to Get Pantasign DSC Franchise 

  • Contact us through Whatsapp/Call or eMail to become Pantasign DSC Partner. We will complete all your Signup processes immediately.
  • Few basic documents are required like address Proof, Pan card, Photo, email id, and mobile number for sign up.
  • Make Payment for your required Digital Signature Stock.
  • We will provide complete training and support for the Pantasign login Portal to you by Remotedesk (anydesk).
  • Now you can issue Digital Signature by your PantaSign Login Partner Portal.

PantaSign is a Leading certified authority that provides and issues all types of Digital Signature Certificates. As a Pantasign Controller, we provide Pantasign Franchise to start a DSC business.

For any further Information regarding PantaSign Digital Signature Certificate Franchise, you can contact us.

Call / Whatsapp – 09784417276 

Email us:  

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