Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital Signature


Class 3 Digital Signature use for Online E-Tender, E-bidding, and other Transactions. Best certificate for Vendors, Enterprises, Contractors.
  • Signature + Encryption Certificate
  • 2 Years Certificate Validity
  • With USB Token
  • Free Delivery at your Address
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Product Description


A digital signature is equivalent to a Paper / physical signature in an electronic format. It verifies the identity of the sender on a computerized document for online communication. Digital signatures are of two types, Class 2 and Class 3 digital signature. DSC comes with a USB token and the certificate is stored in this token.

Types OF Digital Signature Certificate –


Class 2: Class 2 Category Digital Signature Certificate certifies a person’s identity from a trusted database. DSC in this category is used by companies or individuals to file their tax returns. Class 2 DSC used for MCA, GST, INCOME TAX Registration, and return filing.

Class 3: The Class 3 digital signature certificate is the highest level of certification. This certificate has a high degree of security in online transactions. This certificate is used to participate in Government Online-tendering. It is the Best Certificate for Contractors, Vendors, and Enterprises to Participate in Govt. Tenders / Contracts. Class 3 DSC can be issued to individuals and organizations.

Class 3 DSC certificate is used for

  • Participate in Govt. Tenders
  • Contract download
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Supplier Registration
  • Expression of Interest
  • Submission of bid documents
  • E-Auction  
  • Banking Transactions


Documents required for Class 3 Digital Signature

  • Address proof
  • Pan Card
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • One Photo of the applicant

The Digital Signature is used most on government portals –

  • SPPP
  • CPPP
  • To participate in Online Tenders
  • Online E-Auction portals
  • All Banking Portals.

The Process to Apply for a Class 3 DSC  

  • Select your Class 3 DSC.
  • Payment for DSC.
  • Fill the necessary details.
  • Submit the required documents.
  • Complete Mobile and video Verification.
  • Now Your DSC is ready for Download.
  • Get your DSC by Courier / Speed Post in 2-3 Days.

KEY Features –

  • Signature + Encryption Certificate
  • Free Delivery at your Address
  • With USB Dongle
  • 2 Years Certificate Validity
  • Free Online Support
  • Including GST 18%



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