Class 3 DSC for IRCTC agent

Class 3 DSC for IRCTC Agent: Ticket booking and reservation for Indian Railways are done by agents. Booking agents are authorized by Railways to book e-tickets and reservations. Booking agents do online booking on the IRCTC portal. Agents book journey tickets and reservation tickets by an online portal. This online portal or reservation portal is provided by IRCTC to agents. IRCTC portal registration and login can be done with a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).

A digital signature is required by all agents for railway reservations and booking. This DSC verifies the identity of the booking agents. To verify boking agents and validate login it requires a Class3 Digital Signature Certificate. Class 3 DSC is a highly secure certificate that provides high security to online transactions. All types of railway ticket booking can be done on the IRCTC portal with DSC support, so all authorized agents should have a valid Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

DSC for IRCTC Agent

For e-ticketing, any authorized agent must have a valid Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (individual user). This is the Agent’s Personal Signature Certificate issued in the name of the Agent. It is the best DSC for IRCTC agents. This digital signature has to be approved by your controlling agent. After DSC approval you can generate etickets on IRCTC Portal. Some basic documents require to apply for this, are as follows:

  • Agent PAN Card and Address Proof
  • Email ID and Mobile Number
  • A photograph of the applicant

How to apply DSC for IRCTC Agent

Any agent can apply for DSC. It’s a completely online and paperless process. Only the agent’s basic details and documents are required to apply for IRCTC DSC. One email and mobile verification by OTP require verifying email and mobile. Video verification of the Agent is also required to verify the identity of the applicant. It’s an online and fast process that will only take 10 to 20 minutes. 

IRCTC Digital Signature Renewal

If you already have a digital signature, but its validity has expired, you can renew it. You do not need to buy a new token after the DSC expires. You can re-use your existing USB token and will work as a new DSC. The new DSC certificate will download to your old existing token. After DSC renewal, it has to be approved by the controlling agent, then you can access it on the IRCTC portal. The renewal process of IRCTC Digital Signature is completely online and takes only 10 to 20 minutes. You can use it immediately after renewal. After DSC renewal it works as a New DSC.

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