dgft digital signature renewalDGFT Digital Signature Renewal: It is an IEC-based digital signature certificate used for import-export-related works. It mainly uses for registration and works on the DGFT portal. All importers and exports have requirements of DGFT Digital Signature. An IEC-based digital signature must be created for DGFT related works. If your digital signature has already been created but has expired, then you can get it renewed online. You can update the certificate to your existing USB token, you do not have to buy a new USB token so that DSC is available for immediate use.

DGFT Digital Signature Renewal 

You can renew your DGFT DSC and use again your old USB token. All documents have to be resubmitted for DSC renewal and all the verification will also have to be done again. This whole process is similar to creating a new DSC, and a new certificate is generated, which will be downloaded to your existing USB token. With this, you get DSC online and immediately Which can also use instantly. This saves both the cost of tokens and time. It is an easy and safe method for DSC renewal. 

List of required documents:

  • GST registration
  • IEC registration 
  • Applicant Pan card
  • Authorization latter 
  • one photo of the applicant 
  • Email id and mobile number

How to Update DSC on DGFT Portal

  • Firstly Insert USB token into the computer and Install the Token driver application.
  • Download and Run embridge utility tool from the DGFT website.
  • Then Open embridge application
  • Login DGFT portal 
  • Go to Menu “My Dashboard”
  • Then Click on View and Register Digital Signature Token
  • Click on register Digital Signature
  • Then Select Provider List, Certificate List, Enter USB password.
  • Then Click on Register Button.
  • Finally, Your Digital Signature successfully registered on the DGFT portal

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