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Digital Signature is a way to authenticate documents on online transactions. DSC is legally valid as handwritten signatures or paper signatures. Digital Signature stores in an e token, this e token also called Dongle. This dongle can be accessed with the help of a computer for signature on documents.

Class 3 Digital Signatures 

Class 3 Digital Signatures is a highly secure and reliable Certificate. It is mostly used for return filing and registration purposes. It is used for GST, MCA, Income tax portals. This certificate used on government tendering portals for participating in E- tendering and E-auction portals.

Uses of Class 3 DSC

  • GST return filing
  • Income Tax return filing
  • MCA return filing
  • EPFO registration
  • Online Tender submission
  • Online Biding Submission
  • E-Auction

Different DSC is not required for different activities like E- tendering, E-auction, GST, income tax, EPFO, all these works can be done with one class 3 DSC.

Class 3 individual DSC issuance process is Paperless not required any form of filing and documentation. complete Details Here- Click Here

Documents for Class 3 individual DSC

  • Applicant Pan card number
  • Applicant Aadhar card
  • Mobile number registered with Aadhar
  • Email Id of applicant

Documents for Class 3 Organization DSC

    • Applicant Pan card number
    • Applicant Aadhar card
    • Mobile number
    • Email Id 
    • Organization registration proof
    • GST filing proof

Process of applying for Class 3 Organization DSC

  • Select your DSC – Class 3 
  • Make Payment for DSC
  • Fill application form – received on Email
  • Submit the form with the required documents
  • Complete mobile & Video verification
  • Your Dsc Ready within 20 -30 mins.
  • Get your digital signature in 2-3 days at your doorstep
  • Free Home Delivery

Digital Signature Certificate Providers

We Provide all types of digital signatures – Class 2 & Class 3 DSC, and DGFT DSC. You can contact us for any further information related to Digital Certificates. Contact us at Bulk Purchase.

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