We provide the Digital signature in Bikaner and all Rajasthan Online. Digital Signature is digitally like paper signature certificates and it is working as a proof of the identity of an individual for a particular purpose.

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Advantage of Digital Signature –

A Digital Signature can be given electronically to prove one’s uniqueness, to access information online. A DSC is a scientific way of proving the authenticity of digital documents.

  • A valid digital signature gives authentication a receiver that the Signature was performed by an authenticated sender.
  • The sender cannot refuse the signature.
  • The message was not altered in transition.
  • It validates documents digitally.

Digital signatures certificate use –

• Income tax registration and return filing.
Pay Manager DDO for salary bill preparation
• GST registration and filing of return.
•  Registration and return filing of MCA.
• OTCP portal for online claim submission.
• Financial institutional for Banking

Types of DSC

Digital Signature Certificates issued mainly two types – Class 2 DSC and Class 3 DSC
Class 2 Digital Certificate:- These certificates are issued to both organizations & individual persons. This is the best certificate for E-filling with GST and INCOME TAX returns.
This certificate is compulsory for individuals /organizations who have to sign manual papers while filing of GST and Income Tax returns.

Class 3 DSC Certificates:- This DSC is issued to both individuals & organizations. It is used for participating in the online-tendering process. The Govt. contractors and vendors who participate and submit the online tendering must have a Class 3 DSC.

Documents Required for Digital Signature

  • Applicant PAN CARD.
  • Applicant Address proof – Aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id card
  • One photo of the applicant

Apply for the DSC – Complete Process

1. Submission of DSC Application forms properly filled by the applicant.
2. Select the type of your DSC
• According to Class – Class 2 DSC & Class 3 DSC
• According to use.
3. Make online payment for DSC.
4. Complete mobile verifications.
5. Complete video verification
6. Get DSC in  two days by courier/speed post

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