Emudhra Class 2 Digital Signature: A Class 2 DSC is required for authenticating on the return filing Portals. you can submit and verify returns with a Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. Digital Signatures stores in a USB Dongle (Token) and can be used with a computer to sign documents electronically.

Uses of Class 2 Digital Signature

  • Company / LLP Incorporation
  • Income Tax (ITR)  Return Filling
  • GST Return Filing.
  • EPFO registration
  • Filing Annual Returns
  • MCA

Documents required for DSC

Any individual and organization can apply for Emudhra Class 2 Digital Signature. Only basic details are required for individuals, it is an online and paperless process and no documents need to be submitted. For Org. DSC Applicants and org. documents are required, For this, it is necessary to fill a form and submit all the documents.

  • Pan card of the applicant
  • address proof  
  • Email id and Mobile No.
  • Organization details ( If apply for Org. DSC)

How to Apply for a Class 2 DSC

  1. Select the type of your DSC- Class 2
  2. Send your documents by Email / Whatsapp
  3. Make an Online Payment
  4. Complete your video and mobile verification 
  5. Now your DSC ready for download
  6. Get your DSC in 2 to 3 days at your doorstep
  7. The complete application process is Online and takes only 10 to 20 mins, we provide fast approvals for DSC.

Renew of Class 2 DSC

DSC renewal process is similar to the new DSC process, all new documents and verification are required for renewal. You can Download New DSC  in your Old USB Token, it saves time and cost.

Send your documents to us by email/ WhatsApp. our customer support team will help you to complete the documentation and all process.

Emails us: apiinfotechindia@gmail.com

Call / WhatsApp us: 09784417276

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