Safescrypt DSC Renewal

Safescrypt DSC renewal process: It is the same as applying a new Digital Signature. You require to submit all documents again. It’s a Completly Paperless and Online process that takes only 20 to 30 minutes. Safescrypt Digital Signature issue with 2, and 3 years of validity. After expiring validity you can renew your DSC online with any type of certificate.

Safescrypt DSC Renewal process

It same as applying for a new DSC, but you can use your existing old USB to download that certificate and you can save both time and money.  As the new guideline of CCA, you have to submit all needed documents again for renewal DSC and have to complete the verification process again. You can renew your D.S.C and use your old device.  In the renewal of D.SC, you can save Token cost. You don’t have to pay the device charge again. You can use your existing device to get the renewal signature.  If you lost or damage your U.S.B then you can apply for a new token and you have to pay a USB price with that.

Benefits of Safescrypt DSC Renewal

  • You can use your Existing U.S.B
  • Save the time and cost
  • Ready for use instantly
  • Completely Paperless and Online
  • Safescrypt renewal takes only 20 to 30 minutes

How to Download DSC in a USB token

  • You will receive a link on the email to Download and process Safescrypt DSC
  • Insert USB in the system and Install the driver in your system
  • Open the mail and follow the Instructions
  • Enter your Credentials of application
  • Click on Download Now
  • Enter your Token PIN / Password
  • A new certificate will Install in your U.S.B
  • Your DSC ready for use

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