safenet digital signatureSafeNet Digital SignatureSafeNet is a crypto USB token that is used to store digital signatures. It looks like a pen drive in which the digital signature is stored. This is a password-protected device so that no one else can access it and the certificate will be protected. Any digital signature can be downloaded in SafeNet tokens such as Class 3 Digital Signature, Daft Digital Signature, Signing Certificate, and Encryption Certificate. if you have Class 2 DSC then you can upgrade it with Class 3 and the DGFT Certificate.

Safenet Digital Signature Renewal

If you already have a SafeNet digital signature, but it has expired, you can renew it online. For this, you do not need to buy a new token, you can use your old USB token. The new certificate will download to this token. Which you can use just like new. This saves your token cost and also saves time. Your DSC is ready for immediate use. You can also upgrade your token with another certificate.

How to Install SafeNet Token Driver

The process to download the Safenet token driver is given below:

  • Download the SafeNet installer file on your computer
  • Run installer by double click on the file
  • The SafeNet Installation window will display, then click on next
  • Choose Language English and click on Next
  • Click on Install after Installation Click to Finish
  • The Token is now ready


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