mgnrega digital signatureMGNREGA Digital Signature: All work related to the e-FMS activity is done on the nrega portal. It is mainly used for direct fund transfer for workers and employees, from which the amount of worker and employee is paid directly into his bank account. Officers or authorities require a digital signature for work related to e-FMS.

Main e-FMS Activity

  • Verification of accounts of workers 
  • Updation of Worker Account
  • Generate the Wagelist
  • Generate FTO By Accountant
  • Approve and send FTO to the bank by PO/BDO
  • Freeze Worker Account 

Digital Signature for MGNREGA

A valid Class 3 Digital Certificate is required to work on the mgnrega portal. Authorized signatories require a digital signature, which they can log in to the portal and authorize the data. Officers and authorities have to procure a class 3 digital signature, which has to be registered on the portal.

How to Register DSC on MGNREGA Portal

  • First, download the JAVA JRE and install it in your computer system and restart the system
  • Connect the DSC Token to the computer USB port and select the login credential and click proceed.
  • Click on Continue 
  • If the Certificate is valid, it will prompt for PIN. Enter USB Token PIN and click on OK.
  • If the DSC is enrolled successfully the following screen will be shown “Certificate has been Enrolled Successfully”.
  • Click on Home Button. 

Feel free to Contact for Digital Signature requirements

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