mtoken digital SignaturemToken Digital Signature
: Longmai mToken is a Plug and Play USB token used to store Digital Signature Certificates. It is a FIPS-certified crypto device for digital authentication. It is primarily used in eGovt and office to secure PKI applications in the online environment. mToken is a password-protected device that can store more than 10 certificates. Password protection provides high security and assurance to the user. It is a high-speed and simple device to authenticate Digital Signatures.

How to Install mToken Cryptoid Driver

  • Firstly Insert the mToken device into your computer USB port.
  • Then Double Click on the CryptoID Setup file
  • CryptoID setup wizard will open
  • Then Install Driver and Finish
  • mToken Crytoid driver successfully installed
  • A shortcut will appear on desktop
  • Open mToken CryptoID Certificate utility
  • Then click on the user and enter USB Pin
  • Finally, you will find user certificates

How to Renew mToken Digital Signature

If you already have a digital signature, but it has expired, you can renew it again. For this, you do not have to buy a new token, you can use the same mtoken USB again. A new DSC certificate will be downloaded to your existing mToken. This saves the device cost and the time taken to transport the token. It works like a new token. All fresh documentation and verification are required for digital signature renewal.

  • You can use your existing mToken for DSC renewal
  • No need to buy a new token
  • A new certificate will update in your existing USB Token
  • It saves USB device cost
  • It saves time for token transportation
  • You can upgrade with another certificate
  • It works as a new device
  • You can download Class 3 and DGFT digital signatures in your mToken.

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