trust key digital signatureTrust key Digital Signature: The Trust key is a USB token used to download and store a DSC certificate. It is a simple and secure way to store a  DSC certificate that uses passwords to protect digital signatures. It is a FIPS-certified cryptographic PKI USB device. We can use this USB device to download any type of digital signature and also use it to upgrade dsc certificates. Class 3 and DGFT digital signatures can store in trust key tokens.

How to Install a trust key USB token driver?

  1. Insert trust key token in your system.
  2. Click on my computer option and open
  3. Select Trust key driver folder
  4. Double click on the driver file and Install 
  5. After Complete Installation of the driver, click on the finish.

How to Renew Trust key Digital Signature?

  • You can use your Existing token for Digital Signature renewal.
  • You can renew or upgrade your digital signature in the same Trustkey USB token.
  • The renewal process is similar to the new DSC application, requiring to submit all documents and verification to be redone.
  • After verification, you can download a new certificate in your USB token.
  • It saves the time and cost of a token.

Which Documents required to Renew or upgrade Trust key Digital Signature?

All Fresh documents are required to apply for renewal of the Trust Key DSC. Email, mobile, and video verification need to be done again.

  • For Individual DSC: Applicant pan card, address proof, one photo, email id, and mobile number
  • For Organizational DSC: applicant documents and organization documents need to be submitted

Click to Renew Trust Key Digital Signature

Feel free to contact any other Information regarding Digital Signature Certificates, We provide New and Renewal of DSC with the best service.

Feel free to contact us for any other information related to Digital Signature Certificate, we offer new and Renewal DSC with best service.


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