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Digital Signature is a way to authenticate and validation of online data and documents. Class 3 is the highest secure type of Digital Signature certificate.

 We are an authorized partner of certifying authorities. We offer the best price for Class 3 DSC and DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. You can contact us for Emudhra and Capricorn Digital Signature.

Class 3 DSC

Class 3 DSC issued to both individuals and organizations. For Individual DSC-only applicants, basic details are required. For organizational DSC applicants, basic details and Organization documents required

  • Class 3 digital signature required for GST, ITR, EPF, MCA ( ROC), e-ticketing purposes
  • Class 3 Digital Signature with encryption required for e tendering purpose
  • DGFT DSC uses for Import Export related works

Digital Signature Price

DSC is issued for a period of two or three years after which it can be renewed again. You can renew your signature online and download the certificate to your existing USB token. and save the price of the USB device.

 Type Digital Signature Certificate Validity in Years Price without USB Token Price with USB Token
Class 3 Signature  Two 1199 1499
 Three 1699 1999
Class 3 Combo (Encryption + Signature) Two 2250 2499
Three 2699 2999
DGFT  One  1800 2100
 Two 2000 2500




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